Helpin' Hands, Inc is committed to providing Supports for Community Living Services and Michelle P waiver for residents in Kentucky. These services are offered to individuals with a diagnosis of Intellectual disabilities or Developmental Disabilities in a manner that will promote integration in the community, encourage strong connection with natural support networks, as well as promote self-advocacy for each individual.

It is the mission of Helpin' Hands, Inc. to incorporate all necessary entities in order to provide the highest quality of health, safety and welfare. We carry out our mission by:

  • Receive person-centered waiver services
  • Are safe, healthy, and respected in the participant's community;
  • Live in the community with effective, individualized assistance, and
  • Enjoy living and working in the participant's community
  • Assisting Participant(s) to develop interest in community life
  • Encouraging Participant(s) to choose their personal vision and goals for the future
  • Advocating for equality, individual dignity/self-worth, and other human rights
  • Facilitating SCL Participant(s) with person-center planning
  • Assisting Participant(s) in participating in meaningful employment of their choice
  • Providing an environment that is the least restrictive possible and free from abuse
  • Support and assist SCL Participant(s) to remain connected to natural support networks
  • Providing opportunities for SCL Participant(s) to explore new experiences
  • Providing opportunities for continuing education for SCL Participant(s) and employees
  • Promoting quality health of the Individuals
  • Develop and implementing on-going assessment of agency outcome performance measures.
  • Assisting Participant(s) in maintaining and enhancing relationships with family and friends
  • Providing opportunities to enhance job skills/knowledge, and safe/healthy working conditions of employees
  • Valuing all employees team participation, talents, unique abilities and contributions at all levels
  • Valuing collaborative efforts and partnerships with other agencies or services providers
  • Supporting empowerment and informed decision making for the SCL Participant